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Ghost Post is a new site that was initially put online in Feb 2018.
We value member feedback... Positive or Negative... We want to hear from you.

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Membership Issues:   If you fail to receive a confirmation email when registering... or have any problems creating your account... then please notify us by email so we can help resolve the problem.  

Website Issues:  Ghost Post is a new site... therefore coding errors may exist... also performance issues may occur in a specific web browser being used by a member.   Don't hesitate to inform us of any issues you may encounter.

Content Issues:  A report button is coming soon... but until then... please report any member that is violating the rules.  All notifications will be confidential.

Alerts and Tips: If you are uncomformable posting an Alert for whatever reasons... then please shoot us an email.   Please type ALERT in the subject line.

Link or Copyright Issues: If you represent another website and wish to prohibit any links to your site... then please notify us so we can add your site to our 'Blocked Sites List'. All website links are always checked against this list whenever a question is posted.

For support on these or any other issues... Email us at